Social Partners

Cameroon's Prime Minister signed a decree fixing the guaranteed minimum wage (SMIG) to 36,270 CFA francs (55 euros). An increase of about 30% which endorsedthe recommendations of the dialogue between the social partners.

Cameroon's Prime Minister Philemon Yang endorsed the proposal after concertation between the social partners - a first - to upgrade the guaranteed minimum wage (SMIG). It rises from 28,216 CFA (43 euros) to 36 270F CFA (55 euros) following an order of July 25. This means an increase of 8,054 CFA francs (28.5%). This is the first Smig increase in six years which was decided in Cameroon. Before an increase by a June 2008 decree, the Smig was23,000 CFA francs (35 euros).


"We tried not to impact the competitiveness of our businesses," declared Gregoire Owona, Minister of Labour and Social Security who led the negotiations on July 16 and 17. These negotiations focused on the amount to stop.

While trade unions stared a minimum bar to 50 000 F CFA, companies in the agricultural sector - largest provider of jobs in Cameroon –estimated that this amount was very high. They made ​​a double proposition: smig specific to their area to 35,000 CFA francs and another of more than 50 000 F CFA applying to other sectors.

“Our social legislation is quite rigid on these issues, it was difficult to make this decoupling," noted an official who took part in the consultation. This smig increase comes afterthose of civil and public servants in a straight line compensation measures to mitigate the effects of the adjustment of fuel prices at the pump on July 1st.

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