Under the authority of a Director, the Department of Professional Relationships  is responsible for:

  • activities related to the maintenance of social peace;
  •  prevention of individual and collective labour disputes through social dialogue;
  •  monitoring the social climate and collection of statistics relating thereto;
  •  monitoring the activities of professional institutions and organisations;
  •  matters relating to labour disputes nationwide in collaboration with the decentralised services;
  • monitoring and evaluating the social aspects of restructuring, liquidations and privatisations;
  •  awards and honourific distinctions;
  •  the promotion of collective bargaining;
  •  Monitoring the development of collective agreements.                 

It includes:

  • Labour Relations Directorate;

    •    Social Climate Directorate;
    •   Honourific Distinctions and Awards Service.

Phone: 22 23 89 97


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