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Directory of legal texts relating to labour and social security:Download

Labour Organisations of Transporters

For several days were held working sessions and discussions with labour organisations signatory transporters on the slogan strike of Monday, November 10, 2014.... Download Press release.


Memorandum of understanding between the Republic of Cameroon and the International Labour Organisation represented by the International Labour Office on the implementation  of the country programme for Decent Work

Download (programme)          Pictures              Download (memorandum of Understanding)


Voluntary Insured

Decree   N°   2014/2377/PM of August 13 2014 setting out conditions and terms in charge of voluntary insured on retirement, invalidity and death pension scheme  Download



Press Conference

On the DECREE  N°  2014/2377 / PM of August 13 2014 laying down the conditions and modalities of voluntary insured on retirement, disability and death pension scheme  Download          


Decree N°   2014/2217/PM  of July 2014 increasing the Guaranteed Minimum Wage (SMIG)  Download



Occupational Disease

Official registre of occupational diseases indemnifiable in Cameroon  Download


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